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World leaders speak on day three of UN General Assembly: Live | United Nations News



World leaders speak on day three of UN General Assembly: Live | United Nations News

Leaders of South Africa, Iraq, Libya National Unity Government among those to speak on Thursday.World leaders are speaking for a third day at the 76th session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).
The leaders of South Africa, Iraq and Libya’s national unity government are among those slated to address the world gathering in New York on Thursday.
During opening remarks on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of a world on the “edge of an abyss” as he urged countries to up engagement with the organisation.
On Wednesday, the leaders of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and the United Kingdom were among those to address the assembly. Meanwhile, the US hosted a vaccine summit and pledged to increase Washington’s global donations of doses by 500,000, bringing the total through 2022 to 1.1 billion.
Here are all the latest updates:
1 hour ago (12:50 GMT)
Iran says ‘serious progress’ in talks with Saudi Arabia
Talks between Tehran and Riyadh have led to “serious progress” on the issue of Gulf security, an Iranian foreign ministry official said.
Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of UNGA, ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh Khatibzadeh said the talks were “good” and called for countries to settle regional issues between themselves, without foreign interference.
“Serious progress has been made on the subject of security in the Gulf,” state news agency IRNA quoted Khatibzadeh as saying.
Shia-majority Iran and Sunni kingpin Saudi Arabia, on opposing sides in multiple regional conflicts, have been engaged in talks since April with the aim of improving relations, for the first time since cutting ties in 2016.
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addresses the 76th session of the UN General Assembly from Tehran [AFP]

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