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Nagaland’s Inclusive Governance: 9 New Ministers Take Oath, Including a Woman MLA

The Nagaland Cabinet’s recent appointment of 9 new ministers, including a woman MLA, marks a significant step towards inclusive governance and development in the state. Read on to learn more about the diverse experiences and backgrounds of the new ministers and their potential impact on Nagaland’s future



Woman MLA

The Nagaland Cabinet has recently taken an important step towards inclusive governance by inducting nine new ministers, including a Woman MLA, into its ranks. This decision is a significant one, as it marks the first time in Nagaland’s history that such a large number of MLAs have been appointed as ministers in a single go.

Woman MLA

The nine new ministers are Imnatiba, Namri Nchang, Dr. Longrineken, P Paiwang Konyak, Jacob Zhimomi, G. Kaito Aye, T. Jacob Zhimomi, S Pangnyu Phom, and V. Kashiho Sangtam. Among these, the inclusion of a woman MLA, Namri Nchang, is particularly noteworthy, as it demonstrates the state government’s commitment to gender equality.

The new ministers bring a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds to the Cabinet, which is sure to strengthen the state’s governance. For instance, Imnatiba, who has been appointed as Minister for Planning & Coordination, Land Revenue, and Parliamentary Affairs, is an experienced politician who has served in various capacities in the past. Similarly, Pangnyu Phom, who has been given the Health & Family Welfare portfolio, is a medical doctor by profession, and is well-equipped to handle the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The appointment of these ministers is a significant step towards fulfilling the state government’s promises of inclusive governance and development. It is expected that the new ministers will work towards the overall development of the state, particularly in areas such as healthcare, infrastructure, and education.

The Nagaland government has been making steady progress towards achieving its development goals in recent years. For instance, the state has made significant strides in improving its road infrastructure, which has led to improved connectivity and greater economic opportunities for its citizens. Similarly, the government’s focus on improving healthcare has resulted in better healthcare outcomes for the people of the state.

Looking ahead, it is hoped that the newly-appointed ministers including Woman MLA will continue to build on these successes and work towards making Nagaland a model state in terms of inclusive development. With their diverse backgrounds and experiences, the new ministers are well-positioned to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, which is sure to benefit the state in the long run.

In conclusion, the appointment of nine new ministers, including a woman legislator, in the Nagaland Cabinet is a positive development that is sure to strengthen the state’s governance and development. The new ministers bring a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds to the Cabinet, which is sure to benefit the state in the long run. We congratulate the new ministers and wish them all the best in their new roles.

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