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Some threatening facts of Population Explosion on World Population Day 2020

Population graph of world is going up since several decades. Though people believe that deadly coronavirus has made a drastic change by taking several lives. Still, the comparison of daily death rate in a year with respect to this pandemic year doesn’t make a revolutionary change. No such action can be a permanent solution to population density. Only controlling measures taken by people around the world simultaneously will make a change. The family planning is must to prohibit the growth of population drastically. We all know that population explosion  has several ill effects on us. Still, we got some more astonishing facts for you to make you think about it deeply. Be aware of the untold threat and tell others about it too. The motive will be to put on the light in this serious topic along with the most helpful precautions. India is a developing country with nearly one billion people. We are the country with the maximum number of youth in recent days. That’s a good thing in the aspect of manpower and human resources but if the GDP of the country is lower enough that the mass population will suffer a lot. The concern for the population explosion is not new. European countries needed 100-120 years in doubling their total population whereas India did the same in just 30-35 years. Really a threat for the generation due to less landmass, poverty, unemployment and several other social factors.

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Effect on women health

It’s a lot of responsibility and courage from birth to upbringing of an infant. Bearing pregnancy at an early age put an ill effect on women health. Also, not maintaining the guidelines and gap between pregnancies will cause you some danger. It is necessary to take care of health and well-being for better nourishment of the child. The fertility rate in India has decreased in the last decade still the problems are the same. India is a diverse country and so is the fertility rate here. Some of the cities in India are densely populated which give rise to several uncalled problems. Those states are failing in the arrangement of proper healthcare, education and training system. Some of those exceptional states are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Awareness campaigns and ground-level efforts have borough change up to an extent but still, there is a long way to go. Coronavirus, on the other hand, signals for a sudden population explosion all over the world. The lockdown and social trauma can lead to an increase in the birth rate.

Social issues

It can be easily understood that no home can live happily without earning more than the estimated expenses. Also, when there is a cut in the percentage of livelihood, lifestyle changes automatically. Generating such a huge number of jobs, foods, facilities, and hospitality for a developing country like India, is the biggest challenge. Our prime minister Narendra Modi also expressed his worries about the population explosion in his last conference at Red Fort.