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Shelly Oberoi, Delhi Mayor, files case against BJP councilors for alleged physical assault on AAP members



Newly elected Delhi Mayor, Shelly Oberoi, accompanied by AAP leaders Sarika Choudhary and Ashu Thakur, visited Kamla Market police station to file a case against BJP councillors. The move came after a commotion broke out during the MCD House session, where, according to Oberoi, BJP councillors physically assaulted female AAP members.

Oberoi stated that she would meet Commissioner of Delhi Police Sanjay Arora on Saturday to discuss the incident. This marks the third consecutive day of chaos in the House, and AAP leaders have announced a re-election on February 27, while the BJP has decided to approach the court to prevent the polls.

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The incident has been deemed the “darkest day of democracy” by Oberoi, who accused BJP’s Ravi Negi, Arjun Marwah, and Chandan Choudhary of attacking her. She added that BJP members attacked her after realizing their defeat in the standing committee election.

AAP leaders alleged that BJP councillor Arjun Marwah attacked Oberoi at the exit point while she was being escorted outside the MCD House. The decision to file an FIR against BJP councillors was made after Oberoi cancelled the standing committee election for the day.

In her statement to the news agency ANI, Oberoi expressed her gratitude towards the female civil defence personnel who saved her from the attack. She also condemned the physical assault on AAP female members and demanded that BJP accept their defeat.

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The alleged physical assault on AAP members during the MCD House session has sparked outrage, with the newly-elected Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi filing a case against BJP councillors. The incident has been condemned by Oberoi, who called it the “darkest day of democracy”. The upcoming re-election on February 27 and the BJP’s decision to approach the court to prevent the polls suggest that the political turmoil in Delhi is far from over.

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