See what all are Halloween Stereotypes in 2020

This is great. Oh, man. Dude, dude, dude, it says please take one. More like one bucket! Woo-hoo! Yeah! What do you think? Did you get the right size? Oh, yeah, man. Flex for me. Yeah, flex. Yeah. Ooh. Yeah, but flex though. Yeah, I’m flexing. Yeah, yeah. I think he looks great. Let’s go boys. Hey, because you are? Batman. Yeah, barely. Dude, we smoked it, bro. All right, candy buckets on the counter now. I’m sorry. Is this a non-wrapped homemade muffin? That was from Susan’s mom. We know her. Are these eggs? They have a shell on them. We are not eating eggs from that house in this house. They have a chicken coop. We’re not doing this. Not the chocolate chip cookies! They are gluten-free! No, no No-no-no. Do you know how much sugar is in this? I just want a new mom! Have no fear. Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman here. That’s the worstSpiderman I’ve ever seen. Hey.

Wow, yeah, well, I’m kind of freaking out. Because you look so good. You probably get this all the time. Are you the real Spiderman? All right, guys. Dad’s got a call. But I got a little pumpkin carving craft for you, OK? You guys knock yourselves out, OK? I’ll see you in a little bit. I’m almost done. No parents allowed! The restroom is this way, right? Oh. Dude, seriously? Lookout! Ugh! Is that a trick-or-treater? Get down. Get down. Trick-or-treat! Do we have any candy? I didn’t buy candy. We’ve got to get the lights off. Trick-or-treat! I mean, all the lights are on. They’ve got to be home. That literally did nothing. I got to get the entry light. Stay low. Stay low. I think I see something. I saw something move.

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I think they’re flashing at us. Really? Yeah, I think they’re trying to tell us to come around to the side door. Oh, I’m in. Let’s go. They’re right there! They’re right there! Stay down. We want candy. Hey. I think we should go back to the front door. The door was unlocked. Nobody’s home. Huh, I guess we’ll go to the next house. Trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat. Ahh, way too light orange. Not my style. Do you get a free disease when you carve this one? That makes me feel uncomfortable. What is this? A pancake pumpkin? I did an oblong one last year.

This is perfect. Wait, hold on. What? Whoa, whoa, whoa,$100 right now. For the pumpkin. OK. I think that’s the only good one here. Thank you. Ah! She’s got scarring! We can’t tell if her pregnant or he’s just a really fat starfish. Help! Help! Help! Oh my gosh. Oh! I’m a pilot. I’ve skidded on the runway. This is classic. My grandmother’s coming. There’s going to be three-year-olds out there. Did you think this was appropriate? Hey, I’m ready. What are you supposed to be? I’m Peter Pan’s shadow. No one’s going to get that. My brother and I want to know if we can go trick-or-treating on Halloween for the first time this year. First of all, no. Please. Please. Please. Under one condition would I let you go trick-or-treating. OK. OK. I get to pick the costume. I can’t believe he Wouldnt even let me wear shoes. Or if you want really scary, we can go to Brutal Chainsaw Mutilation 5. Dude, don’t worry about us. Go as scary as you want. Ahh! Pretty special, huh? Full sizes. Mr. Ferguson gives us king-sized.

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He gives what? Hey, Carl. King-sized– it’s all there for the kids these days. Hate to do it to you, Mr. Ferguson. But it looks like the candy king has prevailed. How about colossal kids or a Reese’s Cup the size of a cast-iron skillet? Not all heroes wear capes. I bid you adieu. Oh, have a good night though. Beep, beep, beep, beep. You’re going to want to use your legs on this one, OK? One, two, three. Don’t hurt them back, boys. Have a great Halloween, OK? Thank you, Mr. Ferguson. Hey, boys. Oh, wow! In the Scary LarryHaunted Hayride. If you’re excited give me a yippie. Yipee! Larry, how much longer? Oh. I think Larry might have oversold this a little. Oh, shucks. Should we walk back? No, give me a couple of minutes. I’ll get it. What is that, guys? Larry, is that part of this? I never saw that horse before! Come on! What do you mean, it’s not part of it? Go rage on it. I can’t just flip a switch and rage on it. What do you want me to do? Oh! I got you, buddy! Oh! Ahh! Ahh! Go, go, go, go! Oh, this one’s going to be good! Ahh! Ahh! Ty, a clown! There’s a clown! Wee! Ahh! Oh! Vader! You’re not prepared for this! He’s using the force! Get him! This is unbelievable! Oh, he’s a Jedi Knight! Rage Monster. Rage Monster.

I would like to trade my black licorice for absolutely anything. I’m allergic to peanut butter. Who wants my Reese’s? Can’t tell what I have. Ah, are you kidding me? Dude! Free game! Hey, knock it off! Who is that guy? I don’t know. I can’t see anything. Do you see that guy in the baby mask? I’m pretty sure that’s Ty. What? Wait, if you’re Ty, whos that in the baby mask? Oh, whoa, are concerned that he’s grabbing a knife right now? Been staring at that fly for 10 minutes. It’s me. Chad. Oh, guys! Oh! Who is Chad? Trick-or-treat. Oh, Patrick Mahomes and a chicken. Yeah, ran out of time. Fresh spinach? Oh, I’m good. Boys, that’s just the trick. Let me get a real treat. Here you go, boys. OK. Toothbrushes. Is that dental floss? No. At least she has fireballs. Let me try that. Oh, that was a fresh cherry tomato straight from my garden. Yeah, it was delicious. Hey, Frank, we got about an hour until the fireworks show, you know, for the 4th of July. Sabrina’s got Casperat soccer practice. And if I don’t get this done before she gets home, she’s going to turn me into a newt. Oh, OK. You know what? Enjoy the Halloween spirit. We will be elsewhere. Oh, wow, he’s a dinosaur. No, he’s a chameleon. Oh, I know. That’s what I meant to say! I have to change it. I’m a shark! You are a shark! You look awesome! No, it’s too baggy.

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Beep, beep! Yes, trash truck. It didn’t come with pants. That’s fine. He never wears pants anyway. You know, it’s going to be November in, like, four hours. Trick-or-treat. How’s it going? Good. Who are you guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Oh, never heard of them. We’re YouTubers. We do trick shots. Oh, yeah, those guys are still doing that. What are they? 60? No, they’re in their prime. Oh. Yeah, they even make their own beans. Good for them. Pound it. Noggin. See ya. Hi, thanks for watching. If you ain’t a new, perfect subscriber, click down here so you don miss out on any new videos. If you want to see the bonus video from this episode, they got the brand new dude Perfect plus channel right over here. Check it out. And if you want a good gift for Christmas, Dude Perfect merchandise. Check them out. Sign off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya. Thank you. Thank you very much.