Review – Betaal on Netflix

It’s depends whether you are hollywood lover or a Fan of RamSay Brother’s horror movies. Because it will decide you will love it or not. Betaal a new series released on Netflix is much better than tipical Bollywood Movies, but fails to match the Hollywood Movies.
Let’s first talk about the good things and why you should watch Betaal On Netflix.
Betaal is directed by Patrick Graham & Nikhil Mahajan and we have seen Patrick’s work in past in Ghoul a Netflix Original. This series a Zombie movie with a horror ghost twist that gives a India flavour to it. Plot and the story is purely a Indian Bollywood Style, currupt politician trying to capture a place in ruler area and used Indian millatry to keep the place empty. During this process they awake the evil and whole story revolves around it. There is suspense, emotions, friendship and dirty politics which we offenly see in any Bollywood Movie, however you will miss the love angle as it’s missing from the story. Film has superb background music and good Vfx work which makes the series completely different from what we use to see in other Bollywood Movies. You will defenetly love this, makeup of Zombies also on the better side as they look more realistic exept the red eye color with Led , which was too old fashion.
let’s come to my part and if your purely Hollywood lover and love to watch hollywood movies, specially if you watched zombie movies like The Walking Men then you feel little disappointed as you feel makers of Betaal tried to copy or took references from other Zombies movies. If we compare it with them then defenetly it doesn’t match the quality of direction and VfX. The climax was very much predictible and have clue for season 2 that we normally see in Hollywood movies, I also find the plot of the series was week as there are few seens which looks inappropriate but it can be ingnored.
Now, come to the main point that should I recommend to watch it or not, and my answer will be Yes. You should watch this once as we hardly see such content in Bollywood and you cannot get boarded or de attached with any of the episode of all 4 episodes.

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