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Railways Unveil Ambitious Plan for Mahakumbh 2025: 1200 Special Trains to be Operated at an Estimated Cost of 837 Crores

In anticipation of the revered Mahakumbh 2025, the city of Prayagraj has begun its preparations with great enthusiasm. The official countdown has begun, marked by a special hoarding near Hotel Rahi Ilavart, announcing the dates of the main bathing festival that will last for 45 days. To ensure a convenient pilgrimage for devotees from all corners of the country, the Indian Railways is set to operate an impressive fleet of 1,200 special trains for Mahakumbh 2025. With the goal of providing a seamless travel experience, the railway has allocated a budget of 837 crores for the construction of 19 ROBs (Railway Overbridges) and RUBs (Railway Underbridges) within the city. Also Read:
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Expecting nearly 40 crore devotees to attend, the administration is diligently preparing for this spiritually significant event. During the previous Mahakumbh in 2019, over 24 crore people participated, showcasing the grandeur and devotion of this gathering. To accommodate a large number of attendees, each train will have 16 coaches instead of the usual eight, and the number of trains can be further increased if necessary.

The trains will be operated from various stations within the city, including Prayagraj Junction, Subedarganj, Naini, Cheoki, Prayagraj Rambagh, Jhansi, Prayagraj Sangam, Praya, and Phaphamau. Keeping a tight deadline in mind, all railway-related works are targeted to be completed by October 2024. Railway officials are committed to providing enhanced facilities for over 15 crore people expected to travel by trains during the six main days of the event.

Mahakumbh 2025 promises to be an extraordinary spiritual spectacle, bringing together devotees from all walks of life to experience spiritual solace and participate in a unique celebration of faith and unity.

Note: The above summary is based on the article’s content and emphasizes the significance of the Mahakumbh 2025 event and the efforts taken by the Indian Railways to ensure smooth travel arrangements for the millions of devotees expected to participate.



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