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PM Modi holds high-level Covid-19 review meeting

‘Figures from Kerala, Maharashtra show there is no room for complacency’



Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a high-level meeting on Friday to review the situation related to Covid-19 in the country. Topics covered at the meeting included a review of the current status of Covid-19, the readiness of health systems to respond, the availability of medical oxygen and issues related to the production, distribution and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.

At the meeting, it was discussed that globally, there are countries where the number of active Covid cases continues to remain high. In India too, statistics from the provinces such as Maharashtra and Kerala, indicate that there is no room for insecurity. However, the weekly beauty was less than 3% for 10 consecutive weeks.

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The Prime Minister has been notified of cases of crime in a number of areas, districts with strong testing capacity and the level of weekly inspections in the country.

Prime Minister Modi spoke about the need for regular genetic sequencing to monitor the evolution of mutations. Police informed that INSACOG (Indian SARS-CoV-2 Consortium on Genomics) now has 28 labs being distributed across the country. The lab network is also linked to the hospital network for clinical refurbishment. Sewage sampling is also performed for genomic analysis. The PM was informed that countries were requested to share SARS COV2 and INSACOG samples regularly.

The Premier reviewed the state of increasing childcare capacity and the addition of support centers under the ‘COVID Emergency Response Package II’. It was also discussed that countries have been advised to rebuild and direct primary care and prevent health infrastructure in these areas to manage the situation in rural areas. The Prime Minister was also informed that these countries were requested to maintain a stockpile of drugs used in the administration of Covid-19, Mucor mycosis, MIS-C at regional level.

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Prime Minister Modi was also informed of the increase in dividing beds, oxygen beds, ICU beds and ICUs for children and ventilators for children. More numbers of ICU beds and Oxygen beds will be added in the coming months.

Narendra Modi spoke about the need to ensure adequate national testing at the conference. Officials informed the Premier of the assistance provided to 433 districts for the establishment of a RT-PCR lab facility at public health facilities.

The PM said the entire ecosystem to ensure increased oxygen supply, including oxygen concentrators, cylinders and PSA plants, needed to be expanded immediately. Efforts also to install 961 Liquid Medical Oxygen Storage Tanks and 1,450 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems to support at least one unit per region. The Ambulance Network is also being expanded to ensure at least one ambulance per block. The PM also assessed the state of PSA oxygen plants coming across the country. The PM was also renewed to distribute 1 lakh oxygen cylinders and 3 lakh oxygen cylinders in the provinces.

In Vaccination, PM was informed that approximately 58% of Indian adults received the first dose and approximately 18% of Indian adults received the second dose. PM is rehabilitated with a vaccine pipeline and an increase in vaccine supply.

The Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Chief Science Adviser, Secretary of Health, Health Member NITI Aayog and other key officials were present at the meeting.

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