Over 10,815 COVID-19 cases, 358 deaths, its getting worst day by day

The first lockdown got over today and during this period India got more than 10000 confirmed corona positive cases and 342 deaths, imagine the situation of this lockdown did not happen.

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced another phase of lockdown for 19 days i.e. till 3th May 2020. This step has been taken the number of cases is increasing day by day even there are 1,463 new COVID-19 cases and 31 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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PM also confirmed that this time the lockdown will be more difficult and forced to stay at home, and they will watch the situation till 20th Apr 2020 and post that depends on the situation they may allow few places and offices to be opened with certain rules and limitations.

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