Land Grabbing Accusation; BJP MLA Amidst Controversy

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA, Surendra Singh has accused party MP, Virendra Singh Mast, and Ballia DM HP Shahi, of land grabbing. He said that the district magistrate was working under pressure from the MP.
The MLA said he proposes to be on a 101 hour fast so that some good sense shall prevail in the MP and the district magistrate of Ballia.
The BJP MLA was reported saying, “Virendra Singh Mast has grabbed over 18 acres of land in his, son, brother and nephew’s name by forgery. He is a land mafia.”

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Meanwhile, Virendra Singh Mast said, “Instead of making allegations in the media, the MLA should have fought a legal battle.”
The MP’s private secretary, Aman Singh, meanwhile, said the BJP MLA has become ‘mentally bankrupt’. He said Virendra Singh Mast would not reply to the baseless accusation.
Though, the MP claimed that no other parliamentarian or legislator was more than him while addressing a program in Bairia which is the constituency of Surendra Singh
 “Everyone knows what happens to those who create hurdles in the work of others. No one can do good to society after creating hatred. I don’t speak much, but that doesn’t mean I am afraid of anyone,” he stated.
MLA Surendra Singh, who boycotted the meeting after being allegedly interrupted by a supporter of the MP, claimed that Virendra Singh Mast got unauthorised persons to sit in the meeting where he wanted to raise the matter of alleged land grabbing.