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Fact Check – Amit Shah says Aaj Tak supports Aam Aadmi Party

A video is going viral these days, which says Amit Says asked to boycott Aaj Tak new chennel as its supporting Aam Aadmi Party, Check out the fact behind this viral video.



Delhi Elections is on the edge and a video of our Home Minister Amit Shah addressing the media is going viral that claims Mr. Shah asked Delhi people to not to watch Aaj Tak, as its supports the Aam Aadmi Party. In the video Amit Shah saying. Aaj Tak has undertaken the agenda that AAP should win. Delhi’s people are with BJP. Aaj Tak channel wants AAP to win at any costs which is why Delhi’s voters should not trust any reports by Aaj Tak, don’t believe them…This is a straightforward allegation and I say inside the press conference that Aaj Tak’s agenda is to launch AAP and there is no greater example of yellow journalism.”

Here are some videos post which says as mentioned above

Fact Check – Real video, but five years old

News portal Alt News did a fact check on this viral video and confirmed that this video was real and original, however, this was an old video which was recorded and posted five years back in October-November in 2015. During that time this was video was uploaded on Bhartiya Janta Part official Youtube and it still available there. You can check out the full video as mentioned below.

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