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Drawbacks of BJP Government

15 Lakh in every Indian’s bank account, the black money back Jumla. Now after 7.5 years the list of Jumla’s are endleess. Read this article to know more



Drawbacks of BJP Government

You might have a list of drawbacks of BJP with a long list, but for me, the biggest drawback of BJP is hiding things, manipulate data, and speak lie on everything. The biggest failure and the drawbacks of the BJP government is ‘Lies’, ‘Jumla’ or we can say ‘Fake’

‘Jumla’ this word was actually got famous and become the trend after 2014, and this is all because of our BJP party. That’s doesn’t mean that all other parties are clean and doesn’t say lies, but BJP is only party who make this word popular.

BJP’a Rs 15 lakh promise in 2014 Manifesto

We all know the that during 2014 Mr. Narendra Modi used this line “Swiss Bank mein India Ka jitna paisa deposite hai agar wo wapas aa jaye to har Bhartiya ke account mein kam se kam 15 lakh yunhi aa jayenge’ during the campaigning for election. But now in 2019 one of Senior BJP leader and former Union minister Kalraj Mishra Saturday said his party had not promised Rs 15 lakh in everybody’s bank account in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and accused the opposition parties of spreading “disinformation” over this issue to “mislead” people.

BJP’s fake promise on Jobs

In 2014, Prime Minister Modi made many election promises to provide employment to the youth. But these days the level of unemployment in India has become such that people are being fired from their jobs. At present, there is a retrenchment of jobs in telecom, IT and banking and financial services.

BJP’s make in India Project

Make in India has been one of the important schemes of the Modi government. But where did the benefit of this scheme go and the figure of which class got the benefit has not yet come to the fore. Some foreign companies were attracted by Maker India to invest in India.

But the results were nothing special. The strictness of this scheme of the government is shown by the fact that now the name of the Make in India scheme is going to be changed by changing the name of Boy in India.

BJP on Ganga Cleaning

BJP and Prime Minister Modi have been serious about not Ganga from the beginning. Regarding the cleanliness of Ganga, Modi Sarak also started the Ganga cleaning campaign. But the result of this campaign raises questions on the faith of the government. Even after so much hard work of the government, the polluted water of the dirty drains and trainers falling in the Ganges is not being stopped.

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