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Darfur attacks strand 14,000 without medical help



CAIRO (AP) — A recent surge of violence in Darfur, the war-scarred region of western Sudan, has deprived more than 14,000 children of medical care, a leading aid group reported on Thursday.

Save the Children said it was forced to close two major health facilities and its field office in the village of Masteri in west Darfur. An assault there last Saturday killed 60 civilians, including five toddlers, according to the U.N.

Hundreds of Arab militiamen shot families, stole livestock and torched hundreds of homes in the area, forcing over 10,000 to run for their lives and leaving residents in dire need of aid, according to the U.N. Save the Children said it had no choice but to close facilities that provide nutritional and health services, fearing for the safety of its staff.

“If the centers are not reopened soon, children’s lives will be put at further risk,” said Arshad Malik, the group’s Sudan director, at a time when a staggering 1.1 million children are facing severe hunger in Sudan, more than twice the amount reported last year. “This conflict can only increase the number of children in need.”

Residents of Masteri say they are stranded.

“We have no hospital, there is effectively no help, and people are terrified,” said Mustafa Younes, a senior leader of the displaced community in Masteri.

Earlier this month, on July 13, he watched dozens of militiamen on horses and camels storm the town and kill two women, one who he knew to be pregnant.

“The farms are burned and hundreds are fleeing to Chad, they are not taking anything with them,” Younes said.

The episode in Masteri was just the latest in a string of at least seven attacks in the past few weeks that recalled the brutal tenure of ousted autocrat Omar al-Bashir. In the early 2000s, al-Bashir waged a scorched-earth counterinsurgency campaign against ethnic minority rebels who blamed the government for economic and political marginalization.

Government forces and primarily Arab militias known as the Janjaweed are accused of widespread atrocities in the conflict, which killed over 300,000 people and forced 2.7 million to flee their homes. Al-Bashir, now imprisoned in the capital, Khartoum, was indicted for war crimes and genocide by the International Criminal Court.

The fighting gradually declined but violence continues to flare, as Arab militias roaming the provinces remain heavily armed and retain control over the land they’ve seized. Ethnic tensions still simmer, frequently erupting into tribal clashes during the summer agricultural season.

Al-Bashir’s government collapsed when the military removed him from power in April 2019 following months of massive street protests. A ruling council jointly composed of civilian and military leaders is navigating a fraught transition to democracy and has promised to bring security to Darfur.

But Darfuris say their suffering is the same.

“These attacks are out of the Bashir days,” said Adam Regal, spokesman for a local organization that runs displacement camps in Darfur. “The government is not only allowing the Janjaweed to kill, but encouraging it.”

He pointed to an incident earlier this month, when Sudanese armed groups brutally dispersed protest camps in North Darfur, leaving over a dozen dead.

“We have only one goal, and that is to feel safe, to work our fields in peace,” Regal said. “This is planting season, and if we don’t get our seeds in the ground, we will see famine next year.”

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How to open an account in Swiss Bank from India

As soon as the news of increase the in money in Swiss Bank increased, numbers of queries related to Swiss Bank got increased. So, we thought to help you to with the most searched question on the internet “How to open an account in Swiss Bank from India”.



How to open an account in Swiss Bank from India 1

Swiss Bank, like me many of you was introduced this name in 2014 when Mr. Narendra Modi who was the chief minister of Gujarat that time made his election campaign on Black money in Swiss Bank. Now, in 2021 no money was back to India as promised by Narendra Modi. On other hand there is huge hike in Indian Money deposited into Swiss Bank. According to the media reports the total amount has reached more than 20,700 Cr and also the Swiss bank account holders in India gets increased post 2014.

Now, if you see google then many people are searching to open a Swiss Bank account online. It’s not that everyone wants to open an account in Swiss Bank, however many of them like me are just curious to know the process to open an account in Swiss Bank.

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How to open an account in Swiss Bank from India
Image Credit – Pexels

How to open a Swiss bank account

  • Just like Indian Banks, Banks in Switzerland also minimum balance criteria. You have to find a Bank that will accept the amount of fund you have. The minimum balance is between 100.000 CHF up to 500.000 CHF and it vary from Bank to Bank.
  • Once you identify the Bank, or you can also take a professional help from third party websites. They charge you a professional fee to help you to open a Bank Account.
  • These are the four steps to open an account
  • Fill out the application form at our order page
  • After reception of your order the bank will mail you a welcome packet
  • Sign the documents and send them back to the bank
  • The bank will confirm the opening of your new Swiss bank account
  • If you will not be able to travel Switzerland, then you can also complete the process through post (Courier)
  • You also have to show the origin of fund like bank statement, documents from the sale of property or any other document that shows the transaction amount

Thinks you should know before opening a Swiss bank account

  • Any individual over the age of 18 is allowed to open a Swiss Bank account
  • An Indian can open an account but with a ceiling for the financial year. However, for the purpose of conducting business such an account is permitted under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).
  • There are nearly 400 banks in Switzerland with the top two – UBS and Credit Suisse Group
  • There is an account type called ‘numbered account’. All interaction with the account is through the account number. Very few people in the bank will know the name behind the numbered account.
  • You can close your account any time without any restrictions or cost
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Sports world pays tribute to Milkha Singh

Veteran Indian athlete Milkha Singh passed away at a local hospital here at 11.30 pm on Friday, leaving the sports world in a tizzy. After the death of this great sprinter, many celebrities have paid tribute to him. There are some kind.



Sports world pays tribute to Milkha Singh

Veteran Indian athlete Milkha Singh passed away at a local hospital here at 11.30 pm on Friday, leaving the sports world in a tizzy. After the death of this great sprinter, many celebrities have paid tribute to him.

I promise you Milkha Singh ji that we will fulfill your last wish. India has lost its star. Milkha Singh ji has left us but he will continue to inspire every Indian to shine for India. My deepest condolences to the family. I pray for the peace of his soul. Kiren Rijiju

Rest in peace our very own ‘Flying Sikh’ Milkha Singh Ji. Your passing has left a deep void in the heart of every Indian today, but you will continue to inspire many generations to come. Sachin Tendulkar

SAI is deeply saddened by the passing away of “The Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh, one of the greatest sportspersons India has ever produced. Gold medalist at Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, she held the 400m national record for 38 years. Condolences to his family and the millions he inspired. Sports Authority of India

Your story inspired millions and will continue to inspire….Rip Legend. Ritu Phogat

We might not have seen you competing, but every time we ran fast as kids, we ran like Milkha Singh. And to me, she will always be the legend you left behind. You didn’t just run, you inspired. Rest in peace, sir. Sunil Chhetri

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Delhi government will prepare 5,000 health assistants in view of the third wave of corona

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “In the first and second wave of corona we have seen shortage of medical and paramedical staff.



Arvind Kejriwal speaking with media in his office in Delhi

In an important announcement today, the Delhi government said that it will prepare 5,000 health assistants as a precaution in the wake of the third wave of corona. Under this ambitious project of Delhi Government, Indraprastha University will start training the youth gradually.

Talking about this project, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “In the first and second wave of corona we have seen a shortage of medical and paramedical staff. So the government has an ambitious plan, under which 5000 health assistants will be prepared.”

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Describing the outline of the project, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Indraprastha (IP) University will train 5000 youth sequentially for every 2 weeks. After that they will be given basic training in 9 premier medical institutes of Delhi.

Clearing doubts about the usefulness of health assistants prepared after just two weeks of training and training, Kejriwal said that these health assistants will work as assistants to doctor-nurse. They will be given basic training in nursing, paramedics, life saving, first aid and home care. Online applications for this can be filled from tomorrow, Thursday, June 17. The training will start from June 28. For this the qualification is 12th pass and age limit is more than 18 years.

This plan of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is prima facie looking very futuristic, but the reality will be known only after its implementation. It is to be known that with this announcement of Kejriwal, his critics have started to satire on this plan.

Disclaimer: This post has been auto-published from an agency news helpline feed without any modifications to the text and has not been reviewed by an editor

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