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BJP’s Sunil Mondal feeling uncomfortable in West Bengol

Former TMC leader Sunil Mondal, who had joined the BJP before the recently held West Bengal Assembly elections, on Tuesday stated that many who left TMC for BJP are now feeling “uncomfortable”,



BJP's Sunil Mondal

Many of the leaders who left their party specially TMC for BJP in the last assembly elections is now thinking to move out from BJP. On Tuesday he stated that many who left TMC for BJP are now feeling “uncomfortable”, hinting at a possible return to TMC.

“Many of those who left TMC and joined BJP are feeling uncomfortable in BJP. They’ve not been accepted from the heart. Some people in BJP think it’s not right to trust those who are new in the party,”

This came just after BJP national Vice President Mukul Roy and his son Subhranshu Roy joined TMC. This show that BJP’s situation in west Bengal is not good and people who joined BJP thinking Mode’s wave will make them win is now thnking that this was their bad dicision.

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