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7-day lockdown in Kalimpong, West Bengal from July 26


A comprehensive town-wide lockdown will be imposed in Kalimpong Municipality for seven days, starting from 9 am on July 26, to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Kalimpong District Magistrate informed in a government order.
“In pursuance of earlier government orders and as decided in the District Level Task Force meeting on COVID-19 held on July 24, comprehensive town-wide lockdown will be in force in Kalimpong Municipality for seven days with effect from July 26, 9 am,” the order read.
All offices, government and private, except the offices providing essential services, health services, law and order, disaster management, electricity, water, conservancy services, fire and emergency services, courts, correctional homes, treasury, banking, PDS distribution and those involved in Covid-19 management, will be closed in the above-mentioned period in Kalimpong Municipality area.
Apart from the offices, religious and social activities will be prohibited. Market complexes and shops selling non-essential items will remain closed. (ANI)

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