Kapil Mishra

Kapil Mishra

48 hours of campaigning ban on BJP’s Kapil Mishra, Here is the reason

Election Commision imposed a ban of 48 hours on BJP’s Kapil Mishra, an action against a controversial tweer.

Delhi Elections are on the edge and political parties are in full swing and campaigning for their party to winning the election. On Saturday The Election Commission imposed a ban of 48 hours from campaigning on BJP candidate Kapil Mishra.

News Agency PTI confirmed that BJP candidate from Delhi Model Town seat Kapil Misha tweeted a controversial tweet on Friday, that was taken down by Twitter in response to the direction given by election commission. Also, an FIR got lodged against him under the section of 125 of the Representation of the people act. The ban starts from 5 PM on Saturday.

A show-cause notice was also issued to Kapil Mishra by the EC for “violation of the model code of conduct and the Representation of the People Act”. In the series of tweets, Kapil Mishra linked the Anti-CAA protest and said there will be a contest on Delhi road between India & Pakistan. Now election commission has taken appropriate action and they constantly keep an eye on social media to avoid such misleading posts. Delhi goes to poll on February 8.