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Old video from Peru falsely shared as mass prayers offered in Italy



In today world when we are totally depended on the social media its crtical to save ourself from the frauds and the fake news, there are millions of fake news already there on the internet and its hard to believe which one fake and which one is real.

There is a video that is circulating on the internet and WhatsApp where it was showing as that mass gathering of people offering prayers. on the user on Facebook named Ashraf shared this video click having a message.

“इटली में सभी मजहब के लोग सजदे के बल अल्लाह से रो रोकर अपने गुनाहों की माफ़ी की तलब कर रहे है। या अल्लाह दुनिया का तू बादशाह है बेशक जो भी तुझसे मदद की भीख मांग रहे है तौबा की तलब कर रहे हैं तू उनकी दुआ को कुबूल कर और हिदायत दे अमीन”

This video contains scenes from Italy, where some people are doing prayer in this pandemic situation of coronavirus, and you must know that the situation in Italy is bad and this video got more than 11000 shares on Facebook.

इटली में सभी मजहब के लोग सजदे के बल अल्लाह से रो रोकर अपने गुनाहों की माफ़ी की तलब कर रहे है। या अल्लाह दुनिया का तू…

Posted by Saleem Ashraf on Thursday, March 26, 2020

This is not the single video there are numbers of post on internet and Whatsapp with same video clip, but the fact checker website AltNews did a fact check on this video.

As per the portal they and found that the video is neither from Italy nor from Spain. It was shot at the San Martin Plaza in Lima, Peru. As per the investigation done by Altnews it video was sharing with a Fake caption. If you want to read the full report by altnews you can read on their website.

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